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The SFHA Board governs the organisation on behalf of its members. The Board is accountable to the members for ensuring that the SFHA is fit for purpose, uses its resources effectively and maximises its reach and impact. The Board and the SFHA are governed by the rules set out in the Memorandum and Articles of Associations.

At the SFHA we believe that we are accountable to our members for the manner in which we operate as a business. The following links provide further information on Governance, Organisational Performance and the work of our Board.

SFHA Memorandum and Articles of Association

Directors Report and Audited Financial Statements 2012-13

SFHA Annual Report 2013

SFHA Board Elections 2014-15

The SFHA is currently seeking nominations for 4 positions on its Board. Each year four serving Board Directors (one from each constitiency) stand down and may seek nomination subject to Article 54 of our Articles of Association.

Nominations packs have been sent out to the representative member of each affiliate organisation seeking nominations from within their consituency.

If you are interested in being nominated for a position on the SFHA Board, please find below the relevant paperwork:

City of Glasgow Nomination papers 2014

Other Cities nomination papers 2014

Other Urban Areas nomination papers 2014

Rural and Islands nomination papers 2014