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SFHA’s Innovation and Future Thinking programme brings our members and other stakeholders together to collaboratively develop new ideas and solutions for the future.  Our purpose is a collective ambition to broaden and strengthen the sector’s contribution to social justice and inclusive growth. 

The programme aims to be: 

  • Inspirational – incorporating international and ‘out of sector’ inputs to promote radical thinking and fresh approaches 

  • Customer focused – using design-led approaches which put people at the centre 

  • Evidence-led – building ideas and solutions based on robust research and insight 

  • Sustainable – developing capacity for the housing sector to continue to innovate on an on-going basis. 

We have three key streams of work within the programme:   

Home of the Future 

Innovation in design, construction and maintenance will deliver improved quality and services andimportantly maintain affordable rents. The home of the future will be designed around the individual understanding the needs and desires and implement into development and property services. 

Our Aim: To influence the housing sector to future proof homes by working with the construction sector and its customers, hence reducing isolation, boosting  connectivity, centralising adaptations,ensuring “a place for everyone” and providing great homes for all.  

Service Transformation 

Digital technology and culture improvement will aid how housing associations are transforming andevolving.  Encouraging staff development to construct a more agile and dynamic team, be more responsive to customers' needs can strengthen user experience.  Digital change will transform the landscape of communication, operations and data. 

Our Aim: To demonstrate that understanding how customers and users experience services is key too creating and delivering best practice through involving residents in the service design and decision-making process.   Support and motivate organisations transforming services to digital approaches to ensure value, efficiency and effectiveness.  

Tackling Poverty and Demonstrating Impact 

Housing associations strive to support the lives of, and where needed build resilience in, residents and the communities that they serve.  We, as a sector, can join forces to provide the protection, careand opportunity to evade the hardship faced by many.  

Our Aim:  To showcase and provide tools and resources to measure the social housing sectorsimpact and use this to influence future plans and business strategies, and to secure new or continued funding and investment. . Work with the sector to improve services to enable increasedphysical, mental and financial wellbeing in communities 


Innovation & Future Thinking Programme Icon Innovation & Future Thinking Programme

Supporting SFHA members during 2020

Part of our transformation in 2020 series of articles, showcasing a range of good practice and new ways of working from our members, partners and SFHA.   

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At the beginning of the pandemic, SFHA staff started to work remotely in order to continue delivering for and supporting members. 

Covid-19 briefing notes

We published 10 briefings notes to help our members through the Covid-19 crisis:  

  • Service Delivery
  • Finance
  • Health and Safety
  • Care and Support 
  • Practical Governance Advice
  • Freedom of Information
  • The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act: Extension of Notice Periods
  • Combating Isolation
  • Social Security and Universal Credit
  • Humanitarian Community Resilience

Social Housing Resilience Group Guide to Restarting Services

SFHA convened the Social Housing Resilience Group (SHRG) and, together, the SHRG developed the Guide to Restarting Services to help social landlords restart services that were paused due to the effects of Covid-19. The guide contains extensive checklists regarding what your organisation needs to consider, ideas you can implement, useful links and examples, and a practical journey mapping tool that can be used to test re-designed services. The guide is regularly reviewed and updated to meet current guidelines. 

Report: Affordable Housing Need In Scotland Post-2021

SFHA, Shelter Scotland, and the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Scotland released a new report into housing need in Scotland between 2021–2026. The report found that increasing affordable housing supply levels from the current target of 50,000 homes over five years to 53,000 will help to address existing, as well as newly arising, need from 2021 Affordable Housing Need In Scotland Post-2021 

SFHA’s manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election

SFHA’s manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament election, Housing Scotland: Building Our Social and Economy Recovery sets out a road map for Scotland’s social and economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic that puts access to high-quality affordable housing at its core. The manifesto focuses on three themes of people, homes and climate change and sets out 25 actions to tackle housing need, poverty and homelessness; future-proof housing stock; and reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint. 

Research: The Impact of Social Housing

The Impact of Social Housing: Economic, Social, Health and Wellbeing was written by UK Collaborative Centre of Housing Evidence and HACT for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA), Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Public Health Scotland, and the Rural and Islands Housing Associations Forum. The research contributes to evidence that supports investment in social and affordable housing as a major way of supporting the nation’s recovery from this unprecedented system-wide shock. 

Innovation fun fact  

Did you know, Facebook uses hackathons to generate fresh ideas? Employees meet across all departments and share knowledge. This increases team spirit and helps build meaningful relationships and connections in the company. 

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