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Recruiter Information

West of Scotland Housing Association Ltd Logo

West of Scotland Housing Association Ltd
Camlachie House
40 Barrowfield Drive

Tel for applications - 0141 550 5600

Email for applications - caroline.stobo@westscot.co.uk

Contact for applications - Caroline Stobo


Board Member - Westscot Living

Glasgow & West Region | West of Scotland Housing Association Ltd

Closing date

20th October 2021, at 5pm

Salary and Employment Details

Board Member, Westscot Living

Job Description

Westscot Living, is the newly formed subsidiary of West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA), which will be responsible the for the management of mid market rent homes.

This is an exciting time for us as we look to deliver our first mid market rent homes in 2022 and establish Westscot Living as a provider of choice for mid market rented homes within our geographical areas of operations. Being part of our Board is an excellent opportunity to be involved in making a real difference to our customers and communities.

Westscot Living is currently seeking a new Board members who have a genuine interest in affordable housing and the ability to identify what is important for Westscot Living to succeed as a landlord.

Board Members will be expected to work effectively with other board members and staff and communicate effectively, contribute to decision-making and interpret information in a constructive manner,

We would also be interested to hear from applicants with some of the below skills and experience:

- Strategy and policy
- Operational and development
- Property Knowledge and Experience
- Marketing Expertise
- Registered Social Landlord Sector
- Business planning
- Service delivery – Mid Market Rent or Private Landlord
- Financial planning, budget and control
- Equality and diversity


Further information and application pack can be found at www.westscotliving.co.uk

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