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Email for applications - scottishgovernmentrecruitment@gov.scot

Regulation Analyst

Glasgow | Scottish Housing Regulator
£39,659.00 -

Closing date

28th June 2022, at Midnight

Salary and Employment Details

We are currently seeking applications for a Regulation Analyst within the Scottish Housing Regulator based in Glasgow at Buchanan House, 58 Port Dundas Road, G4 0HF

As a result of COVID-19 our staff were working from home and we are currently finalising future ways of working, which will involve a mix of home and office working.

This is a full time permanent and pensionable appointment and new entrants will normally start on the minimum of the pay range. Candidates with a disability who meet the essential criteria below will be invited to the assessments.

Job Description

About us
The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) is the independent regulator of social landlords in Scotland. Our staff are committed to safeguarding and promoting the interests of around 600,000 tenants, 123,000 home owners who receive services from social landlords, 49,000 families who may be homeless and 2,000 Gypsy/Travellers.

As a Regulation Analyst you will be able to contribute to a wide range of work with social landlords including assessing risk, obtaining assurance and shaping engagement strategies with landlords to ensure they can deliver improvements in governance, financial management and performance.

Where appropriate you will advise on the use of our statutory powers. You will work alongside a Regulation Manager to oversee a portfolio of social landlords. You will also have the opportunity to work with colleagues across the regulator to contribute to the development of regulatory policy and guidance, thematic studies and our work on tenant engagement.

• contribute effectively to the delivery and co-ordination of any regulatory engagement activity set out in our engagement plans; identify risks and, where risks arise, manage them effectively and proportionately to ensure that landlords improve their performance and so protect stakeholders from the effects of business failures.
• contribute effectively to the risk assessments or annual assessment of social landlords’ including an assessment of their governance and how they perform against the Scottish Social Housing Charter, SHR’s Regulatory Framework, legislative requirements, guidance and good practice.
• contribute to the identification of, recommendations for and delivery of inquiries or other regulatory activity of social landlords who are failing their tenants and so need to improve their performance. This can include setting and monitoring performance improvement targets for social landlords or agreed regulatory engagement.
• contribute to planning, co-ordinating and carrying out any inquiry activities and/or thematic studies or thematic regulatory activity, and producing reports detailing the outcomes of such activities.
• establish (where necessary) and manage key relationships, taking responsibility for liaising with relevant internal and external stakeholders for organisations where you are involved in delivering regulatory activity.
• contribute to recommendations for and help deliver agreed regulatory activity resulting from the joint scrutiny arrangements for local authorities, including joint working with other regulators.
• contribute to the delivery of projects and assignments to support continuous improvement of the work of the division.

Essential Qualifications
You must hold a minimum of 3 Highers or equivalent. Other qualifications equivalent to these may also be acceptable. If you are in any doubt please contact to discuss. Please note: If you fail to demonstrate how you meet the minimum qualifications as stated above, your application will be automatically sifted out’

Essential Criteria
1. High level of relevant specialist knowledge of social housing, professional competence and/or experience of working in a regulatory environment.
2. Effective relationship management with a track record of working with internal and external colleagues/stakeholders at a senior level.
3. Excellent written and oral communication skills together with the ability to present complex business related information confidently.
4. High level of analytical skills with a track record of being able to interrogate analytical and management information to identify patterns and draw out key themes and findings to support decisions, risk assessment or policy development.

The person specification and competencies required for this role are detailed on the online application website. You will be tested against these competencies if you are invited to attend the interview/assessment


Find out more about the role and full details of how to apply by clicking the link to our online application website.

Reference: ID 2022-2787

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