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Loreburn Housing Association
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Email for applications - rebeccaw@loreburn.org.uk


Management Committee Member

Dumfries & Galloway | Loreburn Housing Association

Closing date

7th March 2024, at

Salary and Employment Details

The position is for a current Management Committee Member for Loreburn Housing Association, seeking someone who has experience in areas including customer service, accounting, treasury management and HR/employment law. Please find Person Specification and Member Role Profile documents to link attached. Information to include:

Job Description

Loreburn Housing Association (LHA) is 40 years old this year. We are a registered charity who own around 2,500 properties throughout Dumfries & Galloway. Our Vision is to Create Great Places to Live and our ambition is to be recognised amongst the best housing associations in Scotland.

We’re led by an ambitious Management Committee who are dedicated to the delivery of an exceptional housing service. Building on our reputation as an award-winning housing provider, we offer a wide variety of accommodation and services to suit a range of needs.

Our Corporate Strategy is customer focussed and includes the creation of our own In House Repairs Service, a hub, home and roam model in the way we work, a commitment to build new homes that meet high energy efficiency standards and a strong commitment to continue to invest in our talented, empowered and energised workforce who make a positive difference across local communities.

We pride ourselves on being a housing association that is valued by the local community.  A different kind of housing association, one that has no ambition to be the biggest, but always aspires to be the best we can be.  We respect and value our tenants and the communities where they live.  We are committed to working more closely with our tenants to achieve our goals.  Our Strategic priorities are:

  • GREAT Homes
  • GREAT Services
  • GREAT People
  • GREAT Communities

What’s involved in being a governing body member….

This is an exciting time to join our Management Committee as we move towards launching our new strategic plan for 2024 and beyond.

The Management Committee set our direction and associated strategies, scrutinise our performance and oversee risk and audit to ensure Loreburn are well-positioned to deliver GREAT outcomes for tenants.

You will provide strong, focussed, governance to our organisation and bring a range of experience and specialist knowledge that helps shape our success.

We look to attract a range of skills and experience to ensure we have a balanced group of individuals on our Board, in particular we are looking for skills in the areas of customer service, accounting, treasury management and human resources. Whilst these sills are desirable, we are always looking to attract people who are committed to our goals and passionate about achieving the best possible outcomes for tenants. Full details on the role and skills requirements are available within the Role Profile and Person Specification.

We meet approximately 10 times per year, and meetings are generally held via Microsoft Teams with two in-person meetings scheduled annually. All ICT equipment required is provided by Loreburn and we provide an online training package as part of our induction with additional training scheduled as required.

We are always looking to increase the diversity on our board and would welcome the opportunity to support those looking to join a board in whatever way we can from the application process right through to serving as a member. If there is anything at all we can do to support you with the application process please do let us know.

Whilst the positions are voluntary, all expenses incurred as a result of your role will be covered, this includes travel and any costs associated with care responsibilities.


If you are interested in finding out more about Loreburn Housing Association please visit our website www.loreburn.org.uk or to make arrangements to discuss this opportunity in more detail, please contact Rebecca Wilson on rebeccaw@loreburn.org.uk.

Please see Member Person Specification and Member Role Profile below;

Member Person Specification 

Member Role Profile 

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