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Recruiter Information

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Ore Valley Housing Association
114-116 Station Road

Tel for applications - 01592 723835

Email for applications - recruitment@orevalleyha.org.uk

Contact for applications - Maryjane Elder


Corporate, Enterprises and Sustainability Officer

Fife | Ore Valley Housing Association
£28,766 - £28,766

Closing date

27th September 2021, at Noon

Salary and Employment Details

Full time, temporary position (covering maternity leave)
Contract length: 12 months
Application deadline: 2709/2021
Salary: £28,766.00 per year

Job Description

Reporting and directly accountable to the Senior Corporate, Enterprise &
Sustainability Officer. However the postholder will be required to be
interchangeable with other CESO roles within the CES Team.

The post holder may be required to work from any OVHA office base, or from home as agreed with their Manager.

CESO responsible for:

● Performing and engaging as a self motivated member of the team
● Working to deliver the strategies and objectives of the Ore Valley Group
● Supporting the work of Managers and Colleagues

Objectives of the Post:

● To support the delivery of high quality services and delivery of any projects of the Association and its subsidiaries from inception appraisal and implementation, involving project management to completion in
line with set timescales, working in conjunction with other colleagues and teams and team members as directed.
● Analyse the business environment, including regulations and restrictions that may have an impact on the business and support the operation of the Association’s activities.
● Ensure all clients experience a responsive, efficient and positive service at all times by keeping to agreed
timescales, setting realistic client expectations and ensuring effective liaison.
● Draw conclusions from data drawn from many sources, suggest action and follow up detailed queries.

These skills will be applied in a range of situations where functional experience and judgement have to be used in order to make operational decisions without always the need to consult others.

● To participate in the delivery of corporate services which support the main functions of the Association ensuring compliance with both external and internal standards.
● To support the development and delivery of the corporate support function through positive participation as a key member of a small dedicated team.
● To support the efficient implementation and management of organisational policy, procedures and processes ensuring all administrative systems are kept up-to-date.
● Provide support in terms of office supplies and administration.
● To provide administrative support in relation to all aspects of Health and Safety.


● Assist the SCESO in delivering and coordinating the process for staff personnel development plans and training.
● To promote inclusive practice around all equality strands.
● To assist with the communication and delivery of high quality information for customers.
● To assist and promote inclusive practice around all equality strands.
● Provide assistance to the SCESO and CESM in the delivery of all aspects of the work of the team.
● Play a key role in supporting the people and processes which provide the accountability and oversight required for good decision making.
● To assist the SCESO in managing compliance with the Association’s responsibilities under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.
● Supporting the resolution of IT issues
● Assist with the responsibility for business development and administration ensuring high standards of compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.


● To assist the SCESO to ensure staff vacancies are filled as necessary in compliance with relevant legislation and that proper induction training is in place.

Customer Service

● Responsible for the provision of excellent customer service
● Promote good customer relationships and encourage customer feedback
● Promote equality and diversity in everything you do and respond positively to the specific needs of the customer you are working with.
● To provide support to colleagues who require assistance or guidance.
● Provide frontline cover as required
● To assist with resolving customer complaints and maintaining accurate records to ensure an understanding of the root cause of complaints and use this to improve the process and customer journey.
● To be an effective and efficient member of the team to ensure smooth and efficient running of the Corporate/Business Support Team, its systems and its links to other teams of the Association.

Performance & Service Improvement

The Corporate, Enterprise & Sustainability Officer will assist in delivering and managing the area of service improvement and will support the SCESO in the following areas:

● Customer Complaints and Service Delivery including proper recording, investigation and resolution of complaints.
● Performance Management and Monitoring and Benchmarking
● Production and provision of effective monthly, quarterly and annual performance monitoring systems which measures KPI’s and progress that quickly detects problems that might threaten the implementation of the business plan.
● Assist in the coordination and completion of the ARC to the Scottish Housing Regulator, as well as all other statutory returns.
● Assist the SCESO to oversee the function of ‘gatekeeping’ in relation to policy procedure and process.
● Assist the SCESO/CESM in relation to performance reporting
● To assist with the review of insurance requirements of the Ore Valley Group.

Repairs & Maintenance

● Support the SCESO and Executive and Asset Management Team in the management and administration of Gas Servicing and reactive maintenance contracts.

Health & Safety

● Contribute to the management of Health & Safety, ensuring that legislation is adhered to for the Association and related companies. Complete and maintain all necessary records.
● Work with the Health and Safety General Manager to ensure housing management policies and procedures comply with the Landlord Safety Manual (LSM) 2
● Work with the Health and Safety Committee to ensure any actions are completed in line with the H&S Audits
● Work collaboratively with staff of all levels and develop good relationships throughout the organisation to identify and reduce risks
● Complete and maintain all necessary records
● Maintain the H&S training records

Enterprise & Sustainability

● To work at all times with a high degree of discretion and initiative, respecting confidentiality of information
● To assist in the implementation of processes to support business growth
● To facilitate business growth by working as a cohesive team
● To foster and develop relationships with customers/clients
● To support, build and maintain high level contacts with current and prospective customer
● Assist with the development of business and marketing plans
● Assist with research to identify new business opportunities as required.
● Explain to prospective clients the advantages of the services offered and follow these up
● Respond to the client queries regarding the services in a timely fashion
● Develop business proposals for new and existing customers
● Monitor and respond to customer feedback
● Provide administration and communication support for our customers and the operation of our commercial spaces
● Assist with core commercial activities such as marketing, health and safety, legal process, customer support and managing day-to-day operations of our lettable spaces.
● Have a good understanding of the businesses' products or services and be able to advise others about them
● Create and improve proposals for our existing and new clients
● Performance Management and Monitoring


Interviews are being help week commencing 4 October.

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