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Evaluation of Design, Build and Community Capacity Building on Resident Wellbeing - Older Peoples' Project

Edinburgh | Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association

Closing date

31st May 2017, at 5pm

We are seeking experienced individuals/ organisations (tenderers) to help us evaluate the impact of our Fortune Place development on resident wellbeing, including the impact of a Big Lottery Fund project, Outdoors Matters. Any tender response received will need to reference the following:

Expertise with similar client groups/ themes including a sound knowledge of the opportunities and challenges for an aging population.

Expertise with research projects that demonstrate impact; referencing any similar research they have been directly involved with.

Skillsets/ experience of the individuals undertaking the evaluation work.

Activities to be used to gather and analyse responses from suggested, and other, information sources.

Code of ethics which will be applied and guide work.

Proposed approach to ensure engagement from as many residents as possible, including hard to reach residents.

Confirmation of outputs which will be produced.

Provision of a project timeline with key activities included

An indication of any future use of the research, including wider publication, and the approval process for this.

A cost breakdown detailing how the contract budget will be used.

The majority of research work is expected to be completed between August and October 2017 with all outputs delivered by the end of January 2018.

Interested parties should email Lindsay.wake@castlerockedinvar.co.uk for a full briefing document.

Tender Information

Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association Logo

Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association
1 Hay Avenue

Tel for tender - 0131 657 0605

Email for tender - lindsay.wake@castlerockedinvar.co.uk

Contact for tender - Lindsay Wake


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