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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Fife | Fife Housing Group

Closing date

30th September 2017, at Noon

Fife Housing Group (FHG) currently owns and manages approximately 2,500 tenanted properties throughout Fife and wish to commission an independent survey of its tenants to measure satisfaction with homes and associated services. FHG carries out a wide range of activities and considers that the services to tenants are of fundamental importance.

The aim of the survey is to identify how services are valued by tenants, the level of their satisfaction with the different elements of the housing services they receive, and to assess where improvements are necessary based on this feedback.

This assignment will also provide important customer feedback to FHG on key issues linked to the future strategic and operational direction of the organisation and equip us with essential information required for our Annual Return on the Charter.

Our last full Customer Satisfaction Survey was completed in February 2016. The aim of the survey was to receive feedback from our customers on the services we provide, their understanding and awareness of the way we operate and their willingness to and interest in participating with us. The survey also helped gather feedback on wider issues such as property, environment and the general neighbourhood in which our properties are located.

FHG is inviting a number of suitably experienced firms to quote for and carry out a similar survey over the coming months.

We are also willing to consider any innovative approach to the completion of the customer satisfaction survey on a more regular basis that would involve the collation of initial base-line information for inclusion in our Annual Return on the Charter in 2018, followed by and introduction of, for example, a quarterly completion of survey questionnaires for submission in our Annual Return on the Charter in 2019 and beyond.

Aim of the Customer Satisfaction Survey

One of our principal aims is to provide good quality affordable housing for rent, coupled with the highest possible quality of customer service. We believe that our colleagues and board members work well to achieve this and would like to commission an independent survey which will provide us with the information we need to improve existing and develop new services.

Required outcomes

1. Survey to cover a representative sample of our customers across all areas in which we work with overall data confidence levels meeting the interval required by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

2. Provision of information, against which our progress towards meeting the requirements of the Scottish Social Housing Charter can be measured.

3. To allow comparison, wherever possible, with our last survey to establish whether or not our customers perceive the service to be better or worse.

4. Collection of the core information required for our Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) and contribution towards our report to tenants.

5. We must be able to identify house types and areas when analysing data so that differing views prevalent only in certain areas can be identified.

6. An engaging and ‘plain language’ summary of the results must be provided for publication to tenants, and an action plan should be produced, suggesting work required to ensure improvements are made.

Questionnaire minimum content

It is expected that the survey will cover the following:
• Customers’ views about the services they receive from FHG;
• The effectiveness of the services provided;
• Suggestions about how our service delivery could be improved;
• The effectiveness of our communication with our tenants;
• The level of tenant knowledge about how we operate and the means available for residents to influence this;
• The level of interest in and attitudes towards involvement with our activities;
• Tenants’ views on the quality of their homes and general environment; and
• Tenants’ views about the value for money of our rents.

Our last survey form will be made available, for reference. While the format of the ARC questions is fixed, we are open to a more creative format for the non-ARC sections of the survey and are looking to you to suggest how this may be achieved.

Our previous survey involved a combination of both telephone and face-to-face interviews.

Results and report

The successful consultant will be required to liaise regularly with the Association during the period of the survey. Specifically, we will require to be involved in the following key stages:
• Approving the questionnaire;
• Filtering tenant addresses to remove any potentially unsafe situations;
• Considering initial results; and
• Approval of the format of the final report and its summary.

Your costed proposal should allow for attendance at two formal meetings with FHG and attendance at a Board meeting to present the report. We also require a separate presentation to colleagues.

We will require PDF copies of the report and summary, for both print and web publication.

Information gathered during the survey will, once finalised, become the property of FHG.

Elements to be included in the costed proposal

All proposals must include a breakdown of the time and cost attributable to each of the following elements:
• Survey design;
• Liaison with FHG;
• Fieldwork;
• Data processing and analysis;
• Report preparation and presentations;
• Administrative and other expenses; and
• Any other elements to be charged.

A maximum of two different costed options may be submitted.

The exercise should be completed up to and including dissemination of results to FHG by 31 January 2018.

Additional requirements

An indication should be given of the anticipated commitment in terms of time and resources required from FHG colleagues.

The consultant should indicate their anticipated use of sub-contractors and these must be named as part of your proposal. The main consultant will be responsible for ensuring that the contribution and skills of any sub-contractor is satisfactory.

Within the proposal, consultants must provide at least two references from Registered Social Landlords. One of the referees must be able to provide comment on a previously completed customer satisfaction survey.

Prior to commencement of any work, the consultant will be required to provide copies of their Health and Safety, Equality, and Data Protection policies or statements.

The tender response must also confirm that, in the firm’s opinion, there is no known conflict of interest in accepting this work.

The contract will be based on this brief and may be supplemented by an exchange of letters.

An itemised costing should be provided, detailing the costs for each stage of the survey.

Tender submissions should be received in this office by noon on 30 September 2017.

The successful consultant will provide a backup service allowing us to receive further analysis of the survey results, in any format, up to a year after the submission of the final report.

For further information or a copy of the full Tender document, please contact us using the details supplied.

Tender Information

Fife Housing Group Logo

Fife Housing Group
7 Pitreavie Court
Pitreavie Business Park

Tel for tender - 01383 608121

Email for tender - drew.nisbet@fifehg.org.uk

Url for tender - http://www.fifehg.org.uk

Contact for tender - Drew Nisbet


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