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Critical Friend to the scrutiny group Resident VOICES

Tayside, Fife & Edinburgh | Fife Housing Group

Closing date

24th November 2017, at Noon

Critical Friend Tender

Fife Housing Group (FHG) is looking to appoint a ‘tenants’ friend’ to support our scrutiny group: ‘Resident VOICES’.


Fife Housing Group currently owns and manages approximately 2500 tenanted properties and provides factoring services to a further 91 factored owners throughout Fife.

Much of our emphasis over the past year has been towards the development of our scrutiny arrangements, and in particular, the creation and supporting through learning and development of our scrutiny group, ‘Resident VOICES’.

The Group has achieved a considerable amount, including significant learning and development and drafting several scrutiny reports.

This team is made up 12 members who are our customers; they may be tenants, factored owners or a community member and places are reserved on the team for all. Being a member of this team involves identifying areas of Fife Housing Group’s services that require review and then independently scrutinising and examining those services to ensure all customers are receiving a good standard. As part of this role they will highlight areas where we could improve or learn from others. They play a vital role by contributing this learning towards our programme of service and standards improvement.
We now wish to commission an independent person to act as a ‘tenants’ critical friend’, to support ‘Resident VOICES’, to effectively scrutinise the wide range of activities provided by FHG.

We are inviting a number of suitably experienced organisations/consultants to quote for and carry out the role of ‘critical friend’.

The Purpose of the Critical Friend

The Critical Friend will assist ‘Resident VOICES’ in their process of gathering evidence and reporting on the work of the Group, including the evaluation of each scrutiny activity.

Critical Friend to Resident VOICES

The Critical Friend will provide an independent view of the services provided by FHG and of its performance. This will involve prompt honest reflection appraisal (or reappraisal), to support scrutiny activities carried out by ‘Resident VOICES’. The Critical Friend will do this by:

- Asking provocative questions
- Providing additional data, evidence or lessons from elsewhere that offer a different perspective
- Providing support to the Group to effectively critique processes and/or reports

The Critical Friend will

- Provide advice and guidance on how to capture, understand and report evidence of practice and impact
- Act as a broker for knowledge and learning on evaluation methods
- Signpost ‘Resident VOICES’ to useful tools, techniques and approaches for gathering and reporting evidence on practice and impact
- Assist ‘Resident VOICES’ to produce evaluation reports by providing critiques of draft monitoring returns and reports
- Quality assure research methods and tools used as part of scrutiny activities
- Quality assure scrutiny reports
- Produce a report that reviews the critical friend process

What we are looking for in a Critical Friend

- Mode of working
- To reflect our core values by:
- Being ‘open and honest’, building and maintaining a relationship of trust with the members of ‘Resident VOICES’ and FHG colleagues
- Being ‘Firm but Fair’, in the ways you engage with members of ‘Resident VOICES’ and FHG colleagues
- Being ‘Accountable’ for the delivery of effective guidance, support and direction of ‘Resident VOICES’
- Being ‘Versatile’ in the multifaceted ways used to support ‘Resident VOICES’
- Bring knowledge and understanding of process and impact evaluations, partnership working and decision making processes
- Have an understanding of housing issues, housing policy and best practice and be aware of findings, including from other sectors, of working in this context


The contact will be with the Engagement team. Initially the contract will run for one year, from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018, with the intention to extend by another year to 31 December 2019.

How to apply

To apply for the role of Critical Friend please provide the following information:
- An outline of the approach you would take to the role
- Your experience of working with scrutiny groups – evidence of past projects you have worked on – and understanding of the cultural sector
- Past clients or references you would be happy for us to contact before any appointment (this would be after interview)
- Confirmation of fees for delivery of approximately 12 three hour meetings per year

Selection Process

The criteria for selecting our Critical Friend will be:

- Knowledge, skills and experience that demonstrate the best fit with the role description
- Clarity of approach for delivering the contract
- Value for money

Please email your proposal to the Engagement Manager, Drew Nisbet drew.nisbet@fifehg.org.uk by noon, 24 November 2017. Interviews are planned for w/c 27 November 2017 (please indicate availability).
If you require any further information regarding this role, you can telephone our Engagement Manager, Drew Nisbet on: 01383 608121.

Tender Information

Fife Housing Group Logo

Fife Housing Group
7 Pitreavie Court
Pitreavie Business Park

Tel for tender - 01383 608121

Email for tender - drew.nisbet@fifehg.org.uk

Contact for tender - Drew Nisbet


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