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Southside Housing Association seeks support for “Self Assessment” against SHR Regulatory Standards

Glasgow | Southside Housing Association

Closing date

22nd December 2017, at close of business

Brief for Consultancy Assignment to support “Self Assessment” against SHR Regulatory Standards

1.0       Background

1.1       The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) introduced Regulatory Standards of Governance and Financial Management in 2012.  At the time of its introduction, the SHA Management Committee formally considered compliance with these standards.

1.2       Since 2012 the Association has introduced a comprehensive Risk Management Strategy and appointed Internal Auditors.  It has also completed two comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys of both tenants and owners.  It also carries out continuous feedback surveys on a range of key services.  In addition the Association has had a programme of Committee appraisals, these have been carried out by external consultants in three of the last four years.  The Association’s employment role is validated through its Investors in People Accreditation, and through independent staff satisfaction surveys.  All reports to the Management Committee include an assessment of the impact or implications for Regulatory Standards.  Finally the Association reports annually on its performance in relation to the Annual Scottish Social Housing Charter, and produces an internal improvement plan based on this assessment.

1.3       The reporting processes in relation to all these programmes of work informs the annual planning document, the Internal Management Plan and longer term strategic planning i.e. Business Plan, Asset Management Plan,  etc.

1.4       The Scottish Housing Regulator recently carried out research into the approach that the sector is taking to “self assessment” against its Regulatory Standards.  As a result of this survey work,  SHR has made a number of explicit statements about it’s expectations in relation to “self assessment”, including an expectation that at least once every three years the Association should assess it’s achievement of all Regulatory Standards.

1.5       Southside Housing Association is confident that many of its activities involve an assessment of performance against regulatory standards.  However the Association would like to carry out an independent assessment for review by the Management Committee.

2.0      Expectations from this assignment.

2.1       The Association would like to appoint an external consultant that will carry out an assessment of its compliance with all Regulatory Standards.  This will form the basis of a report to the Management Committee.

2.2       An expected output from the assignment will be an Improvement Plan, developed with the Management Committee, where any failures or weaknesses in compliance or performance against Regulatory Standards are identified.

2.3       The Management Committee may procure this type of external support on a regular basis, but it may also decide to carry out future “self assessment” work internally.   Therefore it is expected that the output from this assignment will be a framework for “self assessment” that can be used on an ongoing basis by the Association.

3.0       Submissions

3.1       Firms or individuals interested in carrying out this assignment should submit proposals by Friday 22nd December 2017 to enquiries@southside-ha.co.uk or by post to Southside Housing Association, Southside House, 135 Fifty Pitches Road, Glasgow G51 4EB

3.2       Submissions should have a clear methodology, clarity about the outputs that we will receive and a clear timetable for completing the work.

3.3       Tenderers are expected to have a track record in this type of work and will be expected to cite examples of previous work for similar clients.  Two appropriate referees are also required.  A CV for anyone carrying out the work is also essential, and the proposal should clearly identify who will carry out the various tasks and allocate an estimate of the time that will be spent on each stage.

3.4       The submission should also include the proposed costs for the work inclusive of VAT and expenses.

Tender Information

Southside Housing Association Logo

Southside Housing Association
Southside House
135 Fifty Pitches Road

0141 422 1112

Email for tender - pmcgrath@southside-ha.co.uk

Url for tender - http://www.southside-ha.org


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