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Tender Information

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Grampian Housing Association Ltd
Huntly House
74 Huntly Street

Tel for tender - 01224 202947

Email for tender - communications@grampianhousing.co.uk

Contact for tender - Katie Taylor, Operational Service Development Officer


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Online Submission

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018

Aberdeen | Grampian Housing Association Ltd

Closing date

31st August 2018, at 4pm

Our overall aim is to assess current levels of customer satisfaction with the homes and services that we currently provide. However, the survey coincides with a period of transformation for Grampian Housing Association as it seeks to; maintain and improve current customer service levels, continue delivering value for money and migrate towards a more digital way of working which continues to meet the needs of our customers. The survey will inform Grampian’s future service delivery plans and will provide a baseline to commence this digital transformation, linking our ongoing development to the views, feedback and requirements of our customers.

The Invitation to Tender can be downloaded from our website here