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Tender Information

Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd Logo

Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd
1 Explorer Road

Tel for tender - 0300 123 2640

Email for tender - tenders@hillcrestha.org.uk

Url for tender - https://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/search/show/search_view.aspx?ID=SEP331812


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Debt Recovery Services

Scotland Wide | Hillcrest Housing Association Ltd

Closing date

22nd October 2018, at Noon

Sheriff Officers and Messengers-at-Arms Services
• Provision of citation and diligence services including
• Service of Writs and Summonses
• Service of Charge for Payment
• Enforcement of all Court Judgements and Orders
• Service of Statutory Demands for Payment
• Repossessions

Tracing Service
• UK wide to reflect the Group’s areas of operation and further afield
• Desk top tracing - detailing resources and tools used
• In person tracing - describing arrangements, attempts to contact and resourcing
• Qualitative information provided so that we can make an informed decision on whether to pursue further i.e. detailed report of tracing/collection attempts
• Timescales for outcomes

Collection Service
• UK wide to reflect the Group’s areas of operation and further afield
• Methods of communication
• Pre-litigation strategies
• PCI Compliance
• Timescales for outcomes

Legal Services
• Preparation of court enrolments
• Taking instructions and preparing papers for court
• Representation at court

General Requirements
• Experience of Debt Recovery for Housing Associations, Local Authorities for former tenant rent arrears, factored owners debt, garage and commercial property debt
• Performance information including % successful traces and collection rates
• Communication, Liaison & Review arrangements
• Details of any sub-contracting
• Timescales for transfer of funds collected
• Demonstrate GDPR & Legislative compliance