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Brief for Committee, Chair and Senior Officer Appraisal

Glasgow & West Region | Southside Housing Association

Closing date

14th April 2021, at 5.00pm

Brief for Committee, Chair and
Senior Officer Appraisal


Southside Housing Association wishes to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced firm / individual to assist the Management Committee fulfil its obligation to ensure that the:-

….appraisal of the performance of Committee Members is undertaken, and that the senior staff officer’s appraisal is carried out in accordance with the agreed policies and procedures of the Association…

For 2021/22 the Association wishes to carry out Committee member appraisals in May/June of 2021. This will require direct support to the Chairperson of the Association in carrying out up to 11 interviews with Committee Members. The appointed consultant will be responsible for assisting the Chairperson to review last year’s appraisal and any commitments on development or training. In addition the appointed consultant will be responsible for framing an appropriate set of appraisal questions to guide the interview process about plans for the coming year. We expect these interviews to be carried out over 2-3 agreed dates. Interviews should be focused and the consultant will be responsible for the conduct, and length of time, etc. of the interviews.

The appointed consultant is expected to deliver a number of clear outputs from this part of the process including:

  • A written development plan for each Committee member that will be shared with the individual,
  • A composite development plan for the whole Committee that will be presented to the Management Committee on 24th June 2021.

The process and outputs are expected to meet the Association’s regulatory obligations and be part of our annual process of providing assurance that we comply with Scottish Housing Regulator'’ Regulatory Standards.

In addition to the individual Committee Appraisals the consultant will assist the Management Committee carry out an appraisal of the Chairperson’s role that is consistent with the rest of the Association’s appraisal process. It is anticipated that the Chairpersons’ appraisal will also be carried out before the end of June 2021.

The successful consultant will present the composite development plan to the Management Committee at its June meeting and will lead discussion on the report and its findings. This collective discussion will be included in the final version of the Committee Development plan that will be sent to the Management Committee after its June meeting.

The Association would also welcome proposals that would evaluate how well the Committee functions as a collective group.

Potential consultants should note that in addition to the Association’s expectations in relation to the relevant expertise and experience of the person appointed to fulfil this role, there is a clear expectation that they will be responsible for all the administrative support to the Chairperson i.e. the writing up of interview notes, the preparation of development plans, the writing of the Committee Report.

Subject to the successful completion of this first part of this assignment, the Association may wish to retain the consultant to assist the Association in a further piece of appraisal work.

The Association carries out an annual staff appraisal process and there is a requirement to ensure that this also includes the senior staff officer’s appraisal. This is currently carried out in association with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Association and it is envisaged that the consultant’s role would be a similar one in terms of supporting a structured interview and writing up a report for the personnel records. This again should also form part of our annual process of assuring we are meeting our regulatory obligations. The consultancy input into this piece of work is unlikely to be required until March 2022 and consultants are asked to price separately for this element of the assignment.


Consultants interested in being considered for this work should submit the following:-

  • Background on their relevant experience and expertise,
  • Examples of similar work and two referees who may be contacted ,
  • A methodology statement detailing how the work would be carried out and clear timescales for completion of each stage of the work
  • A cost for the work including VAT if appropriate and any expenses. Costs should be broken down for the two pieces of work

1. Committee and Chairperson appraisals, including the final Committee Development Plan,
2. Senior officer appraisal,

Submissions should be made to the Association by Wednesday 14th April 2021. The Association intends to make its appointment by 26th April.

For any advice in relation to submissions please contact email:- aradford@southside-ha.co.uk

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