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FireClass joins SFHA as a Sector Associate

FireClass introduces a revolutionary class of commercial fire detection products.

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FireClass, a global leader in the fire detection industry, has officially become a Sector Associate of the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

Fire safety is an essential concern for households, businesses, facilities, campuses, and municipalities. At the heart of any effective fire safety strategy lies fire detection. This demands innovative, integrated, and customized fire detection solutions that not only protect but also ensure the safety of people.

About FireClass:

FireClass introduces a revolutionary class of commercial fire detection products. It comprises a comprehensive range of fully approved, high-quality products meticulously designed and manufactured in Europe.

FireClass is engineered to cater to the needs of both end users and installers, presenting the latest fire detection technology in an easily deployable, out-of-the-box, digital open-protocol solution. It represents a new benchmark in fire detection, offering all-encompassing solutions from a single supplier.

Key Features of FireClass:

  • Fully Approved: FireClass products are third-party approved and certified to adhere to all relevant European standards, going above and beyond the minimum requirements. This includes EN54 approval for the FireClass network, EN54-13 system approval, EN54 detector approval in all detection modes, and EN54-2, EN54-4, EN54-13. These approvals offer peace of mind for both installers and end users.
  • Digital Open Protocol: FireClass employs a robust digital protocol solution, widely accessible in the market through trade and distribution specialists. This ensures the freedom of choice for installers and end users. Originally developed for the challenging marine environment, FireClass' protocol supports various wiring configurations, simplifying installation and retrofit applications that can often be problematic with competitors' protocols.
  • Easy Installation: Ease of installation and engineering are at the core of FireClass' design philosophy. This simplicity is reflected in all the products, making them user-friendly and efficient. For example, panel installation is simplified by allowing for the easy removal of electronics during the first fix. Additionally, straightforward user-friendly configuration software and fault-finding tools expedite commissioning. Field device installation is made easier thanks to the flexibility of the FireClass digital protocol and features such as the ceiling tile adapter, which significantly accelerates detector installation.

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For more information about FireClass and its innovative fire detection solutions, please contact Gordon Thomas.

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