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Oxford Data Consultancy - Loreburn Repairs and Voids Mapping

Oxford Data Consultancy is an expert in geographical information systems.

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Task: Historic repairs and voids data was reviewed to determine the in-house resources required to support Loreburns’ services.

Data: Loreburn collated two years’ worth of repairs and voids data, including details on repair type and gross value. This was all linked to properties by asset reference.

Method: ODC mapped the repairs data based on property locations, dispersing them where they overlapped, so all data was visible. Several layers were generated and thematically styled, allowing for different visual comparisons. Layers were also generated to compare all data across separate years. Complimenting analysis was undertaken to produce themed tables and charts.

Result: Loreburn was provided with several themed layers displaying its repairs and voids in different ways. Alongside the analysis, this allowed them to delve deeper into their data and recognise areas of greater need.


“We needed to improve our efficiency in dealing with repairs and voids and ODC’s solution has certainly helped. Identifying areas of greatest need has helped us focus on the most important issues leading to improved customer satisfaction.”

Pete Paton—Asset Manager

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