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Oxford Data Consultancy - Cairn Photovoltaic Suitability Analysis

Oxford Data Consultancy is an expert in geographical information systems.

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Task: Properties within Cairn’s stock were assessed to determine if they would be suitable for solar thermal or photovoltaic installation.

Data: ODC had previously captured Cairn’s property points and these were used to determine the locations of each roof to be assessed.

Method: By using Aerial Imagery, ODC operators are able to determine the roof types and orientation angle to deduce if PV can be installed. This was achieved by capturing a line across each roof from which the angle of the roof could be calculated. Once the angle has been determined, the information can then be applied to the property polygon that the line was on top of and colour (a roof orientated due south has a value of 0 and coloured green, roofs facing east or west are coloured red and given a value of 90), and then added to a map for easy interpretation.

Result: Cairn were provided with a map of results, which contained the data within colour coded ranges to easily access those properties that were an excellent fit for PV installation and also those that could be a good fit but were obscured by shadows from nearby trees.


 “From this data we could quickly get a base program of PV installations for EESSH, using the suitability rating of roofs as either a basis for differing costs or differing Kwh output for a similar cost per unit across the stock.”

Mark Brown - Investment Manager

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