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Forthcoming Guidance from SFHA - Timetable

SFHA is producing a number of pieces of pieces of governing guidance in the coming months.   A timetable for the publication of these has been identified.

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In the provisional timetable we highlighted at SFHA Annual Conference, we had hoped to issue the Internal Audit Guidance in  Self-Assessment guidance before the end of  2017.     We have unfortunately had to push these back slightly – with the aim to publish the Internal Audit guidance in late Jan/early Feb and the Self Assessment guide in early 2018 (before end of March).    

Regarding the self assessment guidance, we have also spoken with SHN regarding the product they have produced with regards to self assessment to ensure we are not duplicating work and that our guidance has clear separation.   This has allowed the drafting process to begin, and we will liaise with our working group regarding this as it progresses.   

We have also been engaging with the SHR regarding both pieces of work, in particular regarding the internal audit guidance where we are looking to take account of some changes to a draft that Caron Quinn has produced, before forwarding to a group of members for further comment.   We also met with a small group of members in early January to discuss the current draft, with a number of really helpful suggestions highlighted.    We are now in the process of finalising the document.

Apologies that these have had to be pushed back slightly, but we want to make sure that we get these documents just right.   Our GDPR guidance/templates that we are developing in conjunction with GWSF and TC Young will also be produced during this time, with the aim of publishing these in late January.

A timetable of forthcoming guidance and work from SFHA is included below, in order of target publication:

  • GDPR Guidance (late Jan/early Feb 2018)
  • Internal Audit Guidance (late Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Survey/Analysis of Governing Bodies (late Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Registers Guidance (late Jan/Feb 2018)
  • Role Descriptions of Office Bearers (Feb/March 2018)
  • Governing Body Members in arrears guidance note (Feb/March 2018)
  • Self Assessment guidance (March 2018)
  • Governance sign posting for peer support/consultative help (March 2018)
  • Succession Planning Guidance (Q1 2018/19)
  • Recruitment of Governing Body Members (Q1 2018/19)
  • “Relationships” guidance (Q1 2018/19)