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World of Housing – be part of something bigger

SFHA’s Innovation and Future Thinking programme focuses on projects that find solutions to common challenges that are facing its members. World of Housing will help to enable succession planning and talent development within the social housing sector.

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Over the next three years, SFHA’s Innovation and Future Thinking Programme will be working with Wheatley Group and the GEM programme to create and develop a talent pool to sustain the housing sector in Scotland.  

By 2025, the aim is to ensure that housing is recognised as a career of choice by attracting, developing, qualifying and retaining upcoming housing professionals, with a pipeline of graduate and graduate-level talent to address the changing needs of the sector. 

A diverse and inclusive approach to both recruitment and development will be taken. Housing associations and co-operatives of all sizes, locations and specialisms will be part of creating opportunities for upcoming professions across a range of positions.  

Through its ‘Routes to Housing’ campaign, SFHA will work with its members to help them to become change leaders. Applying its knowledge and experience of recruitment and development of graduate and graduate-level talent in the housing sector, the GEM programme will support change leaders at all stages in the external and internal recruitment process.  

Barrhead Housing Association 

Lorna Wilson, Chief Executive of Barrhead Housing Association said: “Barrhead Housing Association is excited to be part of the World of Housing initiative, encouraging and supporting future leaders into the brilliant career of housing.” 

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For more information on World of Housing or becoming a ‘change leader’ you can: 

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