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Collecting equality information - FAQs now available


Frequently asked questions have been gathered, with these divided into two main categories: clarifying the data collection requirement and flexibility on what data is collected.

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In August 2021, the National Guidance on Equalities Data Monitoring was made available to all landlords in Scotland. The aim of the guidance is to provide a steer to landlords on meeting regulatory requirements on equalities data collection.

Since its publication, SFHA, GWSF and the SHR have received a number of queries from RSLs relating to the document and the requirement in general. We have collected together the most frequently asked questions, with these divided into two main categories:

  • clarifying the data collection requirement

  • flexibility on what data is collected.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have provided further guidance and advice, and we will soon update the national guidance to reflect this. The guidance and advice places greater emphasis on the need for each landlord to decide whether it wishes to link the data collected to the individual or collect on a completely anonymous basis – and this is reflected in the FAQ document.

The revised national guidance will be made available in late March/early April 2022, at which point a virtual drop-in session will be held, allowing RSLs to ask any additional questions they may have. 

We will update the FAQ document as necessary as further questions and points are raised. If you have any further queries that you would like to see covered in the document, please contact enquiries@sfha.co.uk

The FAQ document was updated in April 2022 and merged with the National Guidance on Equality Data Collection available here

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