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DWP outlines its approach to Managed Migration

The DWP announces that the managed migration pilot will begin in Harrogate, as it outlines how it will approach the task.

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The DWP has announced that the managed migration pilot will begin in Harrogate. In a letter to stakeholders, Neil Couling, the Director General of the Universal Credit Programme, outlined the approach the DWP intends to take.
The approach, coined “who knows me”,  is based on the hypothesis that if an organisation knows the claimant, they are best placed to assess their readiness to move and to help them through the move. Knowing the claimant is defined as having had recent contact through face to face  and/or telephone contact and applied to an organisation with an operational or financial interest in supporting claimants through migration. The DWP estimates that over half of claimants will have this type of arrangement with their housing association, local authority, their JobCentre or the HMRC.
The ongoing dialogue that the DWP plans to continue to have with stakeholders will cover:

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