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Review of Governance Documents

As part of its ongoing review of Governance Resources provided to members, SFHA is seeking volunteers to be involved in small consultation groups looking at existing SFHA governance guidance. 

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The review is divided into three blocks, as outlined in the below initial timetable:

Block 1
Guidance documents:

  • Senior staff succession planning (including guidance on CEO appraisal)
  • Governing body member succession planning and recruitment
  • Role descriptions/scheme of delegation
  • Governing Body Member Annual Review (Appraisal) Guidance
  • Governing Body Members’ Guide

Time frame: October 2020–January 2021
Target publication date: January 2021

Block 2
Guidance documents:

  • Model Entitlements, Payments and Benefits Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Staff
  • Code of Conduct for GBMs
  • Schedule of registers

Time frame: November 2020–March 2021
Target publication date: March 2021

Block 3
Guidance documents:

  • Internal Audit Guidance
  • Further review of Self Assurance guidance following second submission of Annual Assurance Statements

Time frame: March 2021–May 2021
Target publication date: May 2021

We are limiting the numbers on each of these consultation groups to 5-8 members, but there is still some available space if you or a colleague would be interested in any of the blocks. Thanks to those who have already volunteered. 
We will issue a survey to all members in November regarding the Codes of Conduct and Entitlements Payments and Benefits Policy to kick off Block 2 above. We are aware that this may require more time to consider fully, and that these documents were an emotive issue within the sector when initially published. We are therefore keen to ensure that all members have a chance to feed in views on these documents.
Please get in touch by emailling AStokes@sfha.co.uk if you would like to be involved. 

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