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Update to Model Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members and Wider Review of SFHA Governance Guidance

SFHA is currently updating the hyperlinks and references in its existing governance documents to kick off the more comprehensive review this guidance.   As a first step, we have updated the links and references to the SFHA Model Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members.   Links have also been added to sections within the introduction of the document to make it more navigable.   The updated document can be accessed in the downloads section below.

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The updated Code can be issued to governing body members for signing (if you have not already done so) and includes references to the current regulatory framework etc.   Please note - that as the update is purely to the links and references - it will not be necessary to get this signed again for those who have already done so this year (although you may also wish to share the revised version to ensure your governing body has access to the up to date links).

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