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Results of Survey Relating to Publication Framework and Subsidiaries

SFHA recently surveyed members regarding progress relating to the implementation of the SFHA/GWSF Model Publication Framework, and also asked for views on the potential extension of FOI to RSL subsidiaries.

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SFHA conducted the short survey of members to ask if there were any additional points they wished to contribute regarding extension potentially including subsidiaries, as well as to see how far along members were with the implementation of SFHA and GWSF’s Model Publication Framework, published in 2016 (available here).    Of 36 respondents, the vast majority (77%) had partially implemented the framework, with 5% having fully implemented.   This will place these organisations in a good position should FOI extension occur.

Comments regarding extension to subsidiaries highlighted concerns about the commercial nature of the activities carried out, and that RSL subsidiaries should be treated in the same way as any other commercial company – where there is no proposal to extend FOI.   

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