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Short survey on SFHA e-newsletter

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Survey open to all subscribers of Housing Scotland Today e-newsletter (SFHA members and non-members)

The SFHA is currently reviewing its communications and is considering issuing its e-newsletter weekly instead of the current daily format. Other communications changes include a new policy bulletin for members that will be issued 10 times a year.

The new weekly e-newsletter will mainly consist of articles and blogs on current issues and useful information.

The new format will be different but allow for more exciting and unique new opportunities for SFHA members. It will comprise interesting content in various formats – e.g. blogs from key SFHA staff members, opinion pieces from member organisations, in depth interviews, research findings and key stakeholder updates, e.g. from government.

Most importantly, SFHA wants content to be of value to our members. It will be unique to the e-newsletter and there will be new content weekly – subscribers will not see the same story repeated in multiple editions.

Jobs and tenders will still be issued daily.

To help us shape this process, we would be very grateful if you would answer this short questionnaire.