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Get Governance

SFHA members have access to a range of resources to help them maintain the highest standards of governance. Our Get Governance suite of guidance has been developed in conjunction with industry specialists and informed by our membership. Relevant regulatory bodies were also consulted as appropriate to ensure that the materials help organisations meet regulatory and legislative requirements. The resources provided include: template documentation; practical tools; and written guidance.


2024 General Election: Guidance and resources for members

We want all members to feel able to get involved in the general election if they possibly can. 

Routes to housing

Social housing sector is great place to power up your skills and knowledge all whilst making a difference to people’s lives. There are numerous opportunities and routes within a housing, ensuring there’s a role for everyone - enough options that you can experience to discover where you have most interest. 

Housing at Scotland’s Heart

Telling the story of the value of our social homes

Social housing is so much more than affordable rent. They are our homes – where we bring up our families, socialise with friends, and engage in thriving communities. A place where we feel safe, comfortable and connected. With our new campaign, Housing at Scotland’s Heart, we aim to tell the story of our social homes and what they mean for the people who live in them

SFHA Forums

SFHA’s forums are a key part of our member offer – supporting us to engage directly with our members, develop policy, and share good practice.  SFHA conducted a review of its forums in 2022, and now offers more SFHA forums to members than ever before. 

Freedom of Information and data protection resources for SFHA members

SFHA members have access to a range of resources to help them meet the requirements of Freedom of Information and data protection legislation. These have been developed in conjunction with legal specialists and relevant regulatory bodies, and include: template documentation; written guidance; sources to ring for further advice; and a forum to discuss current issues with peers.


SFHA publishes Housing to 2040 resources for members

In March 2021, the Scottish Government released its long-awaited blueprint for the next 20 years of housing: Housing to 2040. There is much to welcome in this ambitious strategy, and, if it is delivered, the long-term vision could help to ensure that everyone in Scotland has a safe, warm, energy efficient, affordable home in the future.

Report finds majority of social housing sector staff have high digital skill levels

SFHA has published the findings from its report, Digital Maturity of the Scottish Housing Sector, after creating a benchmarking tool for members, together with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Services (SCVO). 

Supporting Communities Fund Progress Review Report

Blog by Michael McLaughlin, Social Insight Lead.

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