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Are we on target to deliver 50,000 homes and build better places?

Blog by David Stewart, SFHA Policy Lead

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The Scottish Government has set an ambitious target to build 50,000 homes over the course of the current parliament, backed by over £3 billion in public funding.

While the target is welcome, and follows research by SFHA and partners that demonstrated a need for increased investment in affordable housing, it is likely to prove a significant challenge.

Recent quarterly statistics on the completion of new homes in Scotland revealed mixed results – while there had been an increase in completions of new homes for the year to September 2017, there had actually been a dip in new homes built during the last three months. The opening plenary of the 2018 SFHA Development Conference will explore this issue and ask if we are on target to deliver 50,000 affordable homes. The session will explore the reasons why the Scottish Government set the ambitious target, the challenges that housing associations and councils face in delivering 50,000 homes and the support being provided to help landlords to deliver more homes. 

But building new affordable homes isn’t only a numbers game. Housing associations have a long history of developing better places and regenerating their communities when they invest in new homes. Mark Turley will give a presentation on the Scottish Government’s Achieving Excellence in Development programme and its aims to measure quality and the wider community benefits that can be achieved when developing quality homes and places.     

To book your place at the conference, please visit www.sfha.co.uk/whats-on/event-details/development-conference