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Ayrshire Housing supports local charities

Housing association donates to several charities.

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Every year at Christmas, Ayrshire Housing supports charities which complement its own community and housing work.

The housing association is once again giving to Ayr homelessness charity Care and Share and the South Ayrshire Foodbank. This year, Ayrshire Housing is also donating to several smaller charities, which may otherwise miss out on funding. The charities are Ayrshire Cancer Support, Gardenrose Early Years Centre, South Ayrshire Befriending Project, Girvan Youth Trust, Wheels in Motion, Ayr Action for Mental Health, and the Elba Gardens Hostel, Ayr.

A donation to Dailly Primary School is also being made. The artwork of one of their P1 pupils features on the Christmas card that is being sent to each of the association’s 1,500 tenants. The pupils will officially open the association’s latest development in their village on 15 January.

The funding awards were announced at the South Ayrshire Befriending Project. Board member Mike Tomlinson said:

“This worthwhile project supports socially isolated children. Kids vote on what they would like to do for their Christmas treat – this year, they want to go to the panto at Ayr’s Gaiety. Our donation helps them to take 30 kids plus their befrienders to a see Cinderella.

“The project  heard of Ayrshire Housing through some of the children they support. We are pleased that the £3,000 that we have pledged is supporting such a wide range of good causes – all of which have volunteering at their core.”

Pictured: Board member Mike Tomlinson (left) and Director Jim Whiston at the Befriending Project.

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