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Bursary boost for Maryhill and Ruchill communities

Maryhill Housing helps its communities pick up new skills

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Two Glasgow communities are being given a cash boost from Maryhill Housing Association.

The housing association is marking its fortieth birthday by announcing that it will provide bursaries for local people, with the aim of offering a helping hand to tenants, or people living in homes factored by the association, in Maryhill and Ruchill. This is one of the biggest-ever community initiatives undertaken by Maryhill Housing since it was founded in 1977.

Unveiling the Maryhill Housing Bursary, Chief Executive Bryony Willett said it was aimed at “inspiring people to achieve their educational or career goals”.

A bursary – also known as a grant – can be applied for between now and March next year, and the scheme will run each year.

Money is available in various amounts for different educational courses and/or the purchase of books and materials.

Up to £1,000 per application is available for higher and further education courses up to degree level.

Up to £750 per application is available for skills-specific training. Examples include construction skills, health and safety courses, food hygiene and forklift truck training.

Up to £500 per application is available for the purchase of equipment, books and or materials, including chef’s utensils and hairdresser’s equipment needed for college training as well as travel costs. Other costs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

The amounts mentioned are the maximum that can be applied for. Applicants can apply for a lower amount.

Bryony Willet added:

“This is a hugely-important development and shows that Maryhill Housing is keen to inspire people to attain their goals.

“That might be career progression, undertaking a new college or university course or a helping hand in a variety of ways. The money we have set aside could be the key to unlocking the door to a bright future.”

In a time of austerity, with significant changes to benefits, Maryhill Housing said it sees the initiative as the “ideal helping hand”.

Pictured: Maryhill staff members Caroline and Daniel help launch the bursaries boost.