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Connecting Scotland launches ‘fast-track’ allocation process

Social housing providers are eligible to submit applications for Connecting Scotland’s fast-track process. 

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Connecting Scotland is inviting ‘fast-track’ applications from organisations that are working with people at risk of social isolation and loneliness. The fast-track process launched on Monday 14 June and will remain open throughout July.  

Connecting Scotland is a Scottish Government programme set up to tackle digital exclusion during the coronavirus crisis. It is delivered with the support of local councils, SCVO and a wide range of organisations from across Scotland and the UK.    

There will be two options:

  • small applications of up to 10 devices for any voluntary or public sector organisation/team to apply for
  • applications of up to 100 devices, targeted at social housing providers.  

The criteria for the fast-track applications will be:  

  • digitally excluded – no access to an appropriate device and/or internet connection 

  • low income – cannot afford to purchase an appropriate device and/or pay for an internet connection

  • at risk of social isolation and loneliness.   

Connecting Scotland has three priority target groups:  

  • older people  

  • people with disabilities  

  • single parents   

Applications may also be accepted for other people where strong evidence of a risk of social isolation is provided. 

More information on the process and elibigily is available here

How to apply: 

Interested applicants can apply here.   

Applicants will be asked for: 

  • Information about the those receiving support: what are their needs and what difference will it make to have access to a device an internet connection? Names or specific personal data is not required at this stage but must be provided within 14 days of receiving the devices. 

  • Details about how you currently work with these people and how you will support them to get the most from their devices and connectivity as part of this work? 

  • The number of devices (Chromebooks or iPads) and internet connections (mobile Wi-Fi) you would like to apply for. 

Applications will be assessed on a weekly basis. We aim to notify applicants of the outcome within 14 days of submission. 

A maximum of 5,000 devices will be distributed through the fast-track application process. There is no specific closing date, as the application form will close once all devices are awarded. Organisations are therefore advised to submit their application as soon as possible to avoid the risk of losing out. 

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