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Cycle pods land in Partick

More and more people are seeing the benefits of cycling to work – there are no fuel costs and you build exercise into your daily routine. Also, a pollution free commute contributes to the overall reduction in petrol or diesel use, making Glasgow greener.

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Several staff members at Partick Housing Association (PHA) cycle to work, however they’ve been encountering problems with finding a secure place to store bikes through the day. Space is at a premium in Partick and Health & Safety rules mean that bikes can’t stay in offices, closes or other communal areas. Also, there have been a few incidents of bicycle theft.

So staff recently approached Glasgow City Council (GCC) to discuss options for bicycle storage in the local area. The timing was perfect as GCC has been developing a new secure storage method – the cycle pod.

The first ones in Glasgow were installed in Mansfield Park opposite the association’s offices. Now staff, local residents and commuters are able to safely store their bicycles and continue to contribute to making Glasgow “the dear green place”.

PHA is managing the cycle pods on behalf of the council and there is a small fee of approximately £1.50 per month which will cover maintenance and repairs.  All users will have their own key and are shown how to use the pods.

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