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Delivering digital land and property information services for Scotland

With the launch of their digital transformation project, Registers of Scotland have introduced two new services – ScotLIS and Development Plan Approval.

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Registers of Scotland (RoS) is responsible for maintaining and compiling 19 public registers relating to land, property and other legal documents in Scotland. They are an organisation with centuries of history; last year marked 400 years of the General Register of Sasines, making it the world’s oldest national land register.

RoS are currently working to make their services more efficient than ever. With the launch of their digital transformation project, they have introduced two new services – ScotLIS and Development Plan Approval.

ScotLIS - Scotland’s Land Information Service

ScotLIS is RoS’ new innovative land information service, launched in October 2017 following extensive user research with a wide range of stakeholders. Designed for both the public and land and property professionals, ScotLIS delivers substantial improvements on previous services and allows for simpler, faster and more efficient searching. These include an interactive and searchable map layered with several data sets, improved Sasine register searching as well as access to the Register of Inhibitions.

Users can search the Land Register, Registers of Inhibitions and Sasine search sheets and Presentment Book.  The Chancery and Judicial Registers, (sometimes referred to as the Books of Council & Session), will also be made available on ScotLIS over the coming months.

Since the launch of ScotLIS RoS have obtained feedback from users, allowing them to make enhancements to the service. If you currently use the online services you can use your Registers Direct username and password to easily access ScotLIS. Listed below are just some of the benefits the service provides.

Searching the Land Register

  • Visualise what is on the Land Register on a map
  • Search by address, postcode, title number, application number, grid reference or map navigation
  • View and filter purchase history
  • Reset your own password
  • View optional RoS Counties map layer

Search the Sasine Register

  • Trigger Sasines search from a gap in the Land Register (on a map)
  • Search Sasines by address, name, organisation or search sheet number
  • Download entire search sheet images as one .pdf
  • Search Land Register in one click from closed search sheets

More information on ScotLIS can be found at scotlis.ros.gov.uk

Development Plan Approval

The Development Plan Approval (DPA) gives developers and solicitors the certainty that they and their customers can quickly register ownership and rights for new developments. DPA is free, fast and tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Crucially, one integrated team deal with all aspects of a submission, with a named contact being assigned throughout the lifetime of a development.

The dedicated RoS DPA team:

  • Checks your development plan against the registered title to rule out any extent issues
  • Examines draft deed styles to check that they meet the criteria for registration
  • Significantly reduce the risk of rejection at the registration stage for individual plots

Once you have DPA, you don’t need to provide paper deed plans for advance notices or house plot deeds: you can simply refer to your approved plan.

DPA has now been used by over 230 developers across Scotland, with over 800 developments approved through DPA since 2013. The service has also been recognised by Homes for Scotland, who awarded RoS the 2017 Best Supporting Organisation Award.

 To find out more visit www.ros.gov.uk/dpa-product or email dpa@ros.gov.uk

Find out more about RoS

To learn more about Registers of the Scotland and all the work they do, visit www.ros.gov.uk

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