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Filling in the census will support Scotland’s housing sector

Housing associations and co-operatives are being encouraged by National Records of Scotland to raise awareness of the census deadline.

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With the deadline to complete the census approaching, housing associations and co-operatives are being encouraged to raise awareness of this amongst their tenants.

The information which people give about themselves, their homes and the people they live with is combined to build a picture of the whole population of Scotland. This is invaluable when it comes to planning major developments like new housing.

National Records of Scotland (NRS) which runs the census said that, so far, more than eight out of ten households have already filled it in.

Paul Lowe, Chief Executive of NRS said: “I want to thank those households who’ve filled in the census. It’s important that wherever you live, and whatever type of home or accommodation you live in, you are represented in the census by taking part and complete a census return.

“It’s the only survey that covers everyone, asking them the same questions at the same time. Census data shows how our population is changing over time. It has told us how, in some communities, the average age is rising sharply, and, in some communities, the population is growing. This sort of information is vital for planners working on what type of housing we will need in the future and where to build it.

“I’m grateful to all housing associations and tenants who are supporting us to spread the word on how important it is that we all fulfil our legal responsibility to fill in the census.”

You can fill out your census online at census.gov.scot or on paper. Paper forms can be ordered online or by calling 0800 030 8308. The website and helpline can also help you if you have questions or can’t fill in the census on your own.

Filling in the census is a legal responsibility and failure to complete it could result in prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

The deadline for completion is 31 May.

Housing associations and tenants’ organisations are invited to share information about the census with their own audiences. You can find materials online and are encouraged to share posts from the Scotland’s Census 2022 accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

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