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Gowrie is the word!

Charity’s Drama Group delights with musical performance.

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Pink wigs, leather jackets and a liberal application of hair gel was the dress code in Dundee on Saturday when a group of talented performers, with various disabilities, dazzled in a Grease-themed musical.

Featuring performers supported by Dundee-based charity Gowrie Care, We Go Together delighted an audience of over 150 at the city’s Space Theatre.

Gowrie Care’s Managing Director, Joy Dunlop said:

“This was the Drama Group’s third big production, and it was definitely the best one yet.

“Performance and being involved in staging a theatre production is both extremely exciting and therapeutic for this enthusiastic group, and they are always delighted to showcase their talents.”

The Drama Group tackling a ‘50s set musical was especially appropriate as Gowrie Care’s parent company, Hillcrest Housing Association, is celebrating its 50 anniversary this year.

Ms Dunlop continued:

“In a show with many highlights, a clear high point was when the performers recognised Hillcrest’s birthday by leading the audience in a rendition of Happy Birthday.

“We are very thankful to both the performers and to everyone involved in pulling this show off without a hitch.

“From technical support and stage assistance to transporting our performers to rehearsals, bringing this wonderful production to the stage was very much a group effort with all our volunteers and staff pulling together to deliver every aspect of the show.

“I would like to offer a special thanks to the show’s director and Gowrie Care Improvements Co-ordinator, Julie Horan, and her team – who were the driving force behind bringing this unique production to the stage.”

All proceeds from the show have be added to sustaining Gowrie Care’s Drama Group, which will allow for more of the people Gowrie Care support to do something unique and discover new talents.

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