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Kingdom Housing Association values customer service

Kingdom Housing Association continues with culture change programme, building core values into its customer service excellence programme. 

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Kingdom Housing Association has been working on a “successful” culture change programme.  

The association said it has completed staff training, cementing its organisational values into its customer service foundations development strategy.  The culture change programme has resulted in Gold Investors in People and Gold Investors in Young People accreditation for Kingdom.  

Kingdom said its ‘CARES values’ – customer, accountable, respect, efficient, and supportive – allowed staff across the organisation to deliver “outstanding outcomes” for customers during 2020.   

Working in partnership with training provider Inspiring People, Kingdom delivered training workshops to 117 staff across housing and asset management services to identify areas where service standards could be driven “even higher”. The ideas and suggestions from the workshops are now being used to support service development as, Kingdom said, the association seeks to achieve, and sustain, customer service excellence. 

The interactive training programme was originally planned to be delivered face to face, but coronavirus restrictions meant the full course was delivered virtually using Zoom workgroups. 

Matthew Busher, Kingdom’s Interim Director of Housing, said: “Kingdom is committed to delivering excellent customer service and supporting our teams to achieve this.  

“We were really pleased and impressed with Caroline and Annie’s support and flexible approach at Inspiring People, particularly in redesigning the programme for digital delivery.  

“Keeping our programme on track provided a platform for staff working remotely to stay in touch and, in some cases, meet new colleagues for the first time. The programme was a key part in supporting the continuous development of our services that will benefit our customers and demonstrate that Kingdom CARES.” 

Caroline Naisbitt, Inspiring People, said: “We have loved working with the teams at Kingdom. The success of the Kingdom CARES programme and the many ideas for improvement put forward by team members during the workshops are a testament to the positive attitude and culture that has been nurtured within the organisation.  

“The values are not merely words but are truly embedded and lived by each, and every, colleague.  

“When lockdown prevented us from delivering the original face to face programme, we worked closely together to redesign an interactive, fun and engaging set of modules to deliver the same outcomes but with the addition of bringing individuals working remotely closer together too.”  

In support of the Customer Service Excellence Programme, the Kingdom CARES logo was designed to reflects the values at the heart of customer service. It will be used to promote the programme and associated activities. 

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