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Kingdom managers gain leadership and management awards

Twenty staff members at Kingdom gain leadership and management award.

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Over 20 members of staff at Kingdom, at various management grades, have completed training to gain a Leadership and Management Award.

The training involved in-house seminars, learning events, and home study over a six-month period.

The bespoke training course was arranged and run by the Andrew Carnegie Business School, with the intention of recognising a range of objectives that would help Kingdom managers to further develop their skills as effective managers and improve the services provided to customers.

Bill Banks, Chief Executive with Kingdom, said: “The award in leadership and management was particularly valuable for members of staff who have management responsibilities but had not undertaken formal training for some time. In addition, it was helpful in supporting practising team leaders and line managers who are looking to move up to the next level of management and managers who need to lead people though organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures."

The objectives of the course, from the employer’s perspective, included the development of effective and confident managers and training to enhance relationship building skills, to improve team communications.

The qualification was made up of a wide range of units tailored to meet Kingdom's needs, covering core management skills such as understanding how to organise and delegate, communication skills, team leadership, change, innovation, and managing people and relationships.

Leigh Shearer, Housing Services Co-ordinator, who undertook the training, said: "The training helped to enhance my leadership skills and provided me with the knowledge and support to confidently manage change."

From the perspective of the managers attending, it was intended to provide them with a range of key skills that could be put into practice in their work role, build their leadership capabilities and develop leadership and management skills.

Alana Anderson, Development Services Co-ordinator, said: "Although I have been a line manager for a number of years, it is never not a school day in my area of work, and I very much appreciate that Kingdom puts the time and effort into training as they do, it fits with my own values which mirror those of our organisation of caring for our customers and wanting to do the best that we can for all our clients."

Scott Kirkpatrick, Director of Development, added: "There was a lasting added value from the collaborative learning, mutual support and encouragement during the course.

“The joint training has also provided an excellent foundation for rolling out our CARES values and Performance Management systems."

Pictured: The group of Kingdom managers who completed the training and gained the leadership and management award.

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