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Link-up strengthened between university and housing associations

Elderpark, Govan and Linthouse will bring their staff and management committees together as the university endeavours to listen to their views.

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The University of Glasgow has strengthened its link-up with three of Glasgow’s housing associations as it prepares to bring a new campus to Govan.

In an unprecedented move, Elderpark, Govan and Linthouse will bring their staff and management committees together as the university endeavours to listen to their views.

The event – hosted by the university and due to be held in Govan in mid-March – is a first and reflects the university’s willingness to hear what the community has to say.  

The university is bringing the showpiece new campus to the community and hopes to start work within two years. It readily recognises the important role Linthouse, Govan and Elderpark have in the respective communities.

Meanwhile, the housing associations have repeated their pledge to help the university with “vital local knowledge” as it prepares to construct the new multi-million-pound Clyde Waterfront Innovation Campus (CWIC).

A recent meeting in preparation for the bringing together of the staff and management committees was attended by the three chief executives – Irene Campbell of Linthouse, Fiona McTaggart of Govan and Gary Dalziel of Elderpark.

It was also attended by Benny McLaughlin, Programme Director of the Glasgow Riverside Innovation District – a partnership between the university, Scottish Enterprise and Glasgow City Council. The new campus will be a key part of it.

He said: “We recognise the vital connection housing associations have with local communities. That’s why we will be holding an event – jointly with the three associations – to really understand what’s important.

“It will be an opportunity to share ideas and, crucially for the university, to listen to people whether they serve as staff members or on the three management committees of the housing associations. What they have to say will be of real value.”

Gary Dalziel said: “We are keen to support the University of Glasgow in whatever way we can – not only to deliver academic excellence but learning opportunities for the people in the communities we serve as housing associations.

“We are impressed by the enthusiasm the university has shown to engage with us on something which has transformational benefits for the local community.”

Irene said: “We are delighted that the university has recognised, at this very early stage in developing their plans for the Govan Campus, the unique contribution of the three associations in terms of our committee and staff’s long-term commitment to the regeneration of Govan. The important thing is to improve the physical environment and creating opportunities for local people to flourish. 

“Linthouse’s committee and staff are looking forward to finding out more about the University of Glasgow’s ambitious plans. After this event, we will start to spread the good news about new campus through all of our community connections.”

Fiona McTaggart said: “Govan Housing Association are delighted to be involved in this initial consultation event with the University of Glasgow to find out what benefits can be brought to Central Govan and the wider Govan community.

“The committee and staff are looking forward to discussions on the ambitious plans for the new campus and how the associations can bring their local knowledge and ethos to the event. This will contribute to the University of Glasgow’s plans for assisting in regenerating the economic and physical regeneration of the Govan area.”

The site for the new campus is currently a disused car park at the southern end of the Clyde tunnel near the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

With financial commitments of £28 million from the University, and £27.5 million from the Glasgow City Region City Deal, plans for the new campus are already well underway.

The university said the campus will “provide a major boost” to Govan, bringing high-quality jobs.

The Govan community has already been told that the university will create invention rooms for use by local school pupils and young people. They are described as ‘shared, interactive spaces’ to allow for collaboration between the University, the local community and industrial partners. Importantly, they are designed to inspire a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among local residents.

Pictured: The university campus.

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