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Lister Housing Co-operative holds virtual management committee meeting

Lister holds successful remote meeting with 11 members and two staff members. 

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Lister Housing Co-operative held a successful virtual management committee meeting on Tuesday 28 April, with 11 members (one with a cat) and two staff members, all joining remotely using Google Meet. Only one person had difficulty getting connected which was caused by the settings on their device at home.

The Lister staff had carried out preparatory work by doing trial sessions beforehand with two to four committee members at a time. A protocol on the conduct of a remote meeting swas also pre-circulated as well as advice about lighting and joining/leaving temporarily.

The agenda was smaller than usual as non-essential items were postponed for this first virtual meeting.

Alistair Cant, Director, Lister Housing Co-operative, said: "Clearly, the interaction between members was not quite the same as a live meeting in person. However, this did work well enough to enable business to be conducted and for Lister to keep calm and carry on co-operating."

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