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Maryhill Housing commemorates Alistair Goold

Sundial and bench unveiled in his memory

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A champion of the Maryhill community has been remembered with a lasting tribute to his life and work.

Alistair Goold was described as a “true servant of the community” by Maryhill Housing. And now its former board member, who died earlier this year, will be remembered with a striking sundial and memorial bench in the community park he fought tirelessly to create.

The sundial was chosen because Alistair had a great love of the devices – well known as traditional methods of telling the time by the shadow of the sun. A bench, complete with a small brass plaque so people using the park will know it was dedicated to Alistair, was also unveiled.

The unveiling at the ‘Mini-Multis’ park and growing space took place in the presence of Alistair’s family, including daughter Emma and young grandchildren Louisa, Jamie and Tom. Emma described the decision to remember her dad in this way as “wonderful”.

In addition to serving on the Board of Maryhill Housing, Alistair was a guiding light in the so-called Mini Multis Residents’ Association. The residents’ association was the driving force behind winning £250,000 to pay for the park and growing space from the Big Lottery Fund Scotland – a remarkable achievement for a group which had only just been set up.

Now, the park and growing space is a reality, allowing children to have fun on brightly coloured play equipment in a safe, enclosed environment and encouraging people to grow their own produce.

Roger Popplewell, Chair of Maryhill Housing, described Alistair as “tenacious, passionate and committed to the community”.

Mr Popplewell added:

“Alistair worked hard, helping to bring people together and was very ambitious for the area. We have great memories of Alistair and all that he achieved.”

Maryhill Housing Association Chief Executive Bryony Willett said:

“It is important that we remember Alistair’s great contribution not just to Maryhill Housing and the Mini Multis’ Residents’ Association but to the wider community.

“We miss Alistair enormously, but many people, of all ages, will now benefit from his vision and tireless campaigning for our community.” 

Alistair’s daughter, Emma, said:

“I am deeply humbled by the sincere tributes to my Father. It means a lot to the family for him to be recognised in this way. His voluntary work at Maryhill Housing Association was very important to him, and I hope the park and garden area will be enjoyed by local residents for years to come.”

Pictured: Members of Alistair’s family with the bench and sundial. Looking on are Board members from Maryhill Housing.