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New Group Services Management Team at River Clyde Homes

New team to drive forward continued improvements

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Following a major organisational restructure and re-design of the way its services are delivered, River Clyde Homes (RCH) has successfully established a new team to drive forward continued improvements in the quality and performance of its Group Services Directorate.

Executive Director for Group Services, Richard Turnock, who is part of the new Executive Management Team, having joined RCH in late 2015, said:

“Group Services is often referred to as the ‘back office’ – in reality, we are the engine that supports the activities of the whole organisation. We provide a variety of key corporate functions to the group such as finance, procurement, human resources (HR), health and safety, legal services, ICT, governance, and communications.”

Mr Turnock added: 

“The Group Services Directorate is a 40-strong team working across three separate departments: Corporate Services, Finance and Legal Services, and Business Performance Services. Our directorate team is skilled across multiple disciplines and has many years of experience within the housing sector. We are also supporting the rapid development of our subsidiary company, River Clyde Property Management, which is now carrying out internal refurbishments and grounds maintenance work for our customers in Inverclyde.”

The Corporate Services Department is headed up by Maureen Gimby, who joined RCH in September 2014. Maureen is a Human Resources professional responsible for human resources, health and safety, governance and executive support, and communications and marketing functions. She leads this diverse department with the assistance of Siobhan O’Kane, Governance Manager, and Keith Moore, Communications and Marketing Manager.

The Finance and Legal Services Department is headed up by Aileen Metcalfe, a finance professional, who has held a senior finance role since RCH’s inception a decade ago. Aileen’s responsibility incorporates all aspects of financial and legal services as well as procurement. Aileen’s management of the department is assisted by Steven Duffy, Finance and Procurement Manager, and Grant Walker, the association’s in-house legal adviser.

Colin Donnelly, an IT professional with significant business change experience, heads up Business Performance Services. Colin joined RCH in February 2015 and is responsible for the management of both the ICT and Business Performance Teams, which, together, provide IT and change management services across the business.

Mr Turnock concluded:

“Group Services will make a significant contribution to RCH Group’s mission of becoming a customer focussed and inspirational business that creates aspirational homes and communities.”

Pictured: RCH Group Services Management Team.