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ng homes holds No Smoking Day events

#TellUsYourway campaign focuses on working out the method that works best and increase a person’s chances of stopping smoking for good.

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ng homes recently held a No Smoking Day event with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service officers on the dangers of smoking in the homes.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) Officers Fiona Herriot, who is seconded to ng homes, and Catherine Wallace, Community Action Team SFRS, facilitated the #TellUsYourWay campaign which acknowledges that everyone is different, and the way a person stops smoking needs to be their choice. The campaign focuses on working out the method that works best and increase a person’s chances of stopping smoking for good.

ng2 Estate Services Operative Foreman Mito Alvarez-Liddell took part in the #TellUsYourWay campaign event which was held at the Springburn Community Hub.

Mito proudly said that he has stamped out the habit once and for all and has not smoked in over two weeks. To support him with this, Mito downloaded an app called ‘Smoke Free’ that tracks how many days he has not smoked as well other features, including much money he has saved and how many cigarettes he has not smoked.

Mito said: “I haven’t smoked in over two weeks, and this app has really worked for me, because it tracks my smoke-free days, which I like. To stop completely, I threw out all my lighters and any cigarette packets to remove the temptation.”

When asked why he decided to quit, Mito said: “I promised myself that I would quit before my 50th birthday, which is in a few weeks, so I’ve done that, which I am really happy about.”

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service also engaged with the Springburn community. 

Fiona Herriot, SFRS Officer, said: “On No Smoking Day, local fire crews from Springburn Community Fire Station had the opportunity to deliver advice, information about No Smoking Day, and how to encourage people to quit smoking or at least signpost to other organisations.”

The SFRS officers were present across different Springburn locations, including an event at the Salvation Army Hall for local families in Springburn at the Breakfast Club. This was followed by a pop up in the Community Hub in Springburn Shopping Centre, with SFRS engaging local people with SFRS’s Smoking and Alcohol leaflet. SFRS also encouraged people to sign up for home fire safety visit.

John Thorburn, ng homes Chair, said: “ng homes has a fantastic relationship with SFRS and fully applauds the excellent work they do in the community, especially being visible in the community and spreading the important message of the dangers of smoking, particularly within the home, as well as the free home visits to reduce the risk all households have.”

SFRS provides free home safety visits that check the safety of a person’s home. A visit takes only 20 minutes and can be booked by calling 0800 0731 999 or text ‘FIRE’ to 80800.

Smoking is the main cause of death from fire in the home. In many fires started by cigarettes, people have also been drinking and are sleepy.

NHS Inform provides a Quit Smoking Service, where a trained adviser will be able to help you find your way to quit. For more information on quitting smoking, visit NHS Inform.