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ng homes tenants growing and sowing during National Allotment Week

ng homes residents are getting their hands dirty at their local allotment this season. 

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ng homes residents are getting their hands dirty at their local allotment this season, and members of the North Glasgow community are invited to join growing sessions to learn about sowing, cultivating and, most importantly, harvesting food in a natural, organic way.

The allotment workshops are part of the Embedding North Glasgow’s Green Legacy project which is funded through the Climate Challenge Fund by Keep Scotland Beautiful on behalf of the Scottish Government.

ng homes is Glasgow’s largest community-based housing association and manages and maintains around 7,000 properties in the north of the city. The association has a strong focus on regeneration which addresses the physical, economic and social objectives.

The association was awarded £128,000 to reduce the carbon footprint of people living within the north of Glasgow by promoting changes in behaviour and attitudes through workshops, training, events and awareness-raising. The project focuses on sustainable living, community recycling and upcycling, energy reduction and community educational workshops.

The allotment has already seen the formation of a Chinese Community Growing Club which will focus on traditional foods grown in a Scottish allotment like tatties, onions, and strawberries as well as some popular Chinese vegetables that have been tried and tested in the Scottish climate such as pak choi, tsoi sim, and Mizuna Oriental greens. The group will then take part in cooking sessions to make use of their freshly-picked produce and share food from their culture.

Local resident Mary Lam said:

“I very much enjoy the garden work. It’s brought us closer and made us feel like friends and family.”

Tom Fairley, another allotment holder, said:

“It is a great project which will help integrate the Chinese community, help them meet local people in a practical environment. It will also be good for health and wellbeing as well as budgeting.”

The group also met during National Allotment Week which celebrates the benefits of allotments all around the UK. This year’s theme is ‘Growing Together’, which aims to draw attention to the inclusive nature of allotment gardening, appealing to all sections of society, all races and religions and all levels of ability.

The allotment growing sessions align with growing sessions held across the community in
ng homes sites, from sheltered housing growing groups to a new Young Growers Club for avid local primary school children, all of which aim to spread knowledge of and interest in food growing, with the end goal of decreasing the community’s carbon footprint.

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