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Nursery school kids and older people brighten each others’ day

Pre-school children and elderly Eildon tenants share songs, nursery rhymes and fun.

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Monday afternoons at 2 o’clock are proving to be a special time for the 3 and 4-year-old children at First Nursery in Peebles.  Their routine for the last few months has been to don their hats and coats, and head across with their teachers in a crocodile formation to visit the tenants at Eildon-owned Dovecot Court Extra Care facility.

Allison Moffat, Deputy Manager, from First Nursery said,

This time is proving very valuable for both the elderly tenants and the children as they are getting to spend quality time together; singing songs and nursery rhymes which appeals to both ends of the age spectrum.   At these visits, it is evident that both age groups are really enjoying each other’s company. 

Meeting new people and having a variety of social interactions is great for helping to build up the children’s confidence, improve their social skills and help them to adapt to new environments.”

Agnes Bell, Care Services Manager from Eildon Housing Association said:

"Studies have shown real value in inter-generational projects like this.  The sessions are very popular with tenants, the smiles and happiness created clearly demonstrating  the value for all involved. Thanks to First Nursery and SB Cares staff for facilitating these visits."

This new practice is proving a great success for both First Nursery and the tenants at Dovecot Court, and will hopefully continue into the new year.