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Plans to promote town centre living

Architecture and Design Scotland (A&DS) and Scotland’s Town Partnership are leading on work to promote the benefits of building homes in Scotland’s town centres.

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The work follows publication of the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Action Plan, which adopted a Town Centre First Principle – this principle established that the health and vibrancy of town centres should be a first consideration in public investment decisions.

Now, with plans to build 50,000 affordable homes over the next 5 years and a decline in many town centres as a result of changing retail patterns, work has begun to look at promoting and developing homes in town centres. Potential benefits include access to amenities and services, integration with health and social care strategies, mixed tenure vibrant neighbourhoods and a distinct sense of place.  

A&DS plan to work with bodies such as the SFHA, the Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers, Heads of Planning Scotland, the Scottish Property Federation and Homes for Scotland to develop a coherent approach to promote town centre living. 

If you would like to know more about this initiative or would like to contribute to its work please contact David Stewart – dstewart@sfha.co.uk.


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