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Potential Wider Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Actions in the Built Environment - Call for research evidence

Dr Keith Baker of Glasgow Caledonian University and Alison Pridmore of Aether are undertaking an evidence review of the potential wider impacts of climate change mitigation actions for the built environment sector. They are seeking evidence from organisations and individuals.


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This is the first ever survey of this kind for the built environment sector in Scotland. Information relating to the following is required:

Research on the co-benefits and possible adverse side effects from climate change mitigation related to the built environment sector in the Scottish context. Research can cover qualitative and quantitative approaches. 

Research from an equalities perspective, on the evidence base about the potential distribution of the wider impacts of climate change mitigation relating to the built environment sector, relevant to Scotland. 

Research can cover:

  • Improved energy efficiency of housing / other building stock.
  • Low carbon energy / heat technologies and fuels (solar, heat pumps, efficient boilers, etc.)
  • Low carbon places – e.g. through planning policy.
  • Behaviour change interventions – e.g. around people changing their use of heating systems.

The call complements a review of the existing literature. The project is therefore particularly interested in research which is not yet published and forthcoming research programmes.

The project aims to provide a comprehensive synthesis of existing and planned research on built environment co-benefits.

The outcomes will help inform RPP3, the Scottish Government’s third Report on Policies and Proposals. This report will set out specific measures to meet Scotland's statutory targets to reduce greenhouse gases, as required by the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. A gap analysis and recommendations for future research will also be provided. Your input will thus make a key contribution to this vital research area. 

Information is gathered through a survey format (the survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete) using the link HERE.

This also offers the opportunity for you to upload research files.

The closing date for the survey is 15th August, with early responses appreciated. 

Please disseminate this call more widely as appropriate.

If you have any questions on the project or the survey please contact the Aether Project Manager for this study: Alison Pridmore at Alison.Pridmore@aether-uk.com.

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