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Scottish Government launches Consultation on Welfare Foods

Scottish Government launches Consultation on Welfare Foods

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The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on Welfare Foods, originally introduced as a wartime measure in the 1940s to ensure an adequate diet during rationing. Benefits were originally universal but have become targeted over the years as the nation’s diet improved.
In its current form, Welfare Foods are delivered in two ways:

  • The Healthy Start Scheme, which provides vouchers to pregnant women and families on low incomes to purchase affordable nutritious food;
  • The Nursery Milk Scheme, which entitles all children under five to receive a drink of fresh milk  on days where they have spent two or more hours in early learning and childcare.

Responsibility for Welfare Foods were devolved with the Scotland Act 2016 and the Scottish Government now want to elicit views on the best way to reach the right children at the right time, make it easier for families to make healthier choices, improve delivery and make best use of resources. Housing Associations who have developed strong links with their local Foodbanks may be well placed to make comment.

The consultation runs until 28 June.