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Scottish Water – improving the customer experience

Scottish Water has introduced significant improvements to existing processes which will directly benefit its customers.


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Connections processed earlier in the development journey

From 1 June 2017, Scottish Water will accept and process applications for water or wastewater connections to the Scottish Water Networks earlier in the development journey.  The new trigger will be when the developer has started the Planning Permission process and received validation from the planning authority and a validation date is issued. Previously, Full Planning Permission required to be granted before Scottish Water would accept and process the applications. This has been designed to help accelerate the pace of development.  Any queries can be directed to: developmentoperations@scottishwater.co.uk

Improving the Planning Application process

Alongside this change, Scottish Water is also improving its planning application process by committing to providing a more detailed response to all planning applications received from 1 February 2017 within 14 calendar days. Any queries should be directed to  planningconsultations@scottishwater.co.uk

Launch of New Facilitation Process

As of 1 April 2017, Scottish Water has launched significant improvements to the overall facilitation process within the organisation, which will directly benefit its customers and the wider internal business. New applications received after 1 April 2017, which have a vesting outcome, will be subject to the new process which has been created as a result of an extensive internal review of existing process, consultation with customers, internal stakeholders and customer guidance. The facilitation process covers the entire lifecycle of an application for new sewers or water mains to serve housing developments that will vest in Scottish Water.

Scottish Water has provided customers with a simple set of procedures to enable assets to vest in Scottish Water. In order to support the launch of the new process, Scottish Water has introduced a vesting policy to clarify Scottish Water’s position on vesting. All developers will be expected to comply with this policy and further details can be found on the Scottish Water website.

Scottish Water has introduced new steps to the process throughout the application, construction and vesting stages, these new steps are detailed in both the vesting policy and guidance available on the organisation’s website.

The new process will provide greater benefits to customers’ overall experience, resulting in customers experiencing a faster, more efficient process when vesting assets.

Any queries can be directed to: developmentoperations@scottishwater.co.uk

Main office contact address:

Development Operations, Scottish Water, The Bridge, Buchanan Gate Business Park, Cumbernauld Road, Stepps G33 6FB.

Main office phone number: 0800 389 0379

Scottish Water’s main office operates: 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

During this transition period, Scottish Water would like to ask for your assistance and patience to implement and embed the new processes.