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Scottish Water seeks volunteers for second workshop on adoption of Water Assets

Scottish Water (SW) is engaging in work on the adoption of Water Assets such as SUDS ponds or pumping stations associated with the development of new homes.  The adoption of such assets is called vesting. There have been a significant number of developments where issues have arisen around SW adopting Water Assets from developers.

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SW is to run a series of workshops that aims to address these issues and challenges, with the aim of setting out a streamlined approach for the adoption of assets in the future.

SW has approached the SFHA for input, and we are keen that members share their experiences and knowledge to help develop a better way forward. One workshop has already taken place this week in Glasgow, with another planned next week at the Homes for Scotland office in Edinburgh. 

It is proposed that the core objectives for the workshop are:

  -  To review the current Vesting Agreement, identifying key issues for the developer community;
  -  To identify solutions to the key issues identified;
  -  To consult on and agree on a draft amended Vesting Agreement;
  -  To sense check feedback from wider industry consultation of the amended Agreement; and
  -  To develop a plain English summary of the finalised Vesting Agreement.

If associations with experience of the development and adoption of Water Assets are interested in taking part and have not already been in touch, please contact David Stewart – dstewart@sfha.co.uk.



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