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Sector Scorecard 2019/20: Call for Data Submissions by 30 September 2020

The Sector Scorecard initiative collects data for 15 headline KPIs from housing association participants in all countries of the UK

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Since 2017, around 30 housing associations in Scotland have participated in the annual Sector Scorecard data submission. The Sector Scorecard initiative collects data for 15 headline KPIs from housing association participants in all countries of the UK. Annually, HouseMark has received over 300 datasets from across the UK.

The project outputs provide participating housing associations with data on their efficiency, value for money and performance which they can use to demonstrate financial sustainability to government, regulators, lenders, governing boards, tenants and the communities in which they operate.

The scorecard has the potential to be an important feature of evidencing good governance and leadership amongst RSLs and is of particular relevance in providing a baseline from which to measure the impact of the current pandemic moving into 2020–21 and the year of the Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Kirsty Wells, Head of HouseMark Scotland, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Scottish housing associations to participate, once again, in the annual Sector Scorecard exercise. 

"The current pandemic has shown how important the use of accurate data is to good decision-making, and the sector scorecard provides another robust source of evidence for housing associations when they analyse their financial and business performance to forward plan.”

Participation remains free of charge, and data collection will be facilitated by HouseMark Scotland. In order to participate this month:

  • HouseMark members – already have access to the Sector Scorecard module within their HouseMark data entry platform. They should complete this module along with their other HouseMark data before 30 September.
  • Non-members of HouseMark – these organisations should nominate someone who will be their main point of contact for data collection – a member of staff who is normally involved in collating performance and finance data would be ideal. This person should email data@housemark.co.uk and inform the data team that they are from a Scottish RSL that is wishing to submit data for the 2019/20 Sector Scorecard. 

They will then be given access via email to the Sector Scorecard module within HouseMark systems as well as provided with the information needed to submit the data. If they have any issues during data entry, they can contact the data team using the same email address or call the data helpline on 024 7647 2707 and HouseMark’s technical support team will provide any assistance required.    



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