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Sonsie faces all round at Bield Burns’ Nicht

Bield’s Whitehill Court holds Burns’ Night

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A blast on the pipes and a splash of tartan were top of the menu as guests at a Kirkintilloch Day and Evening Care Service celebrated Burns’ Night in style.

Bield’s Whitehill Court welcomed service users and guests to enjoy a traditional three course Scots banquet and were piped into the restaurant before the address to the haggis.

Maureen Hopkins Resource Manager at Whitehill Court, said:

“Burns Night is always a lovely occasion and a great time for a bit of a celebration.

“These nights really highlight the community feeling at Whitehill.”

With a piper at the door, guests were able to enjoy traditional music, Burns readings and a spot of ‘tipsy laird’ trifle to round off the evening. Staff from Whitehill donned tartan sashes as they joined the celebration.

Guests had a choice of Scotch broth, haggis fritters or pâté and oatcakes before moving onto national favourites haggis, chicken Balmoral or sirloin steak.

The meal was served at Mary’s Kitchen at Whitehill Court, which helps to provide a dining out experience within recognisable surroundings, enabling diners with dementia to relax and spend quality time with their loved ones.

Helen Halcrow, Senior Carer at Whitehill Court, said:

“We’ve had a great time with some really excellent food – everyone was delighted with how the evening turned out.

“At Bield, we strive to make the most of our ‘Free to Be’ philosophy, where we encourage people to live their lives in the way they choose. Mary’s Kitchen is a fantastic example of this and can make a noticeable difference to those living with dementia and their families.”

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