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Thistle customers thankful for food parcels

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Thistle Housing Association has delivered more than 800 food parcels to vulnerable residents in Toryglen, Glasgow.

Thistle staff have stepped up to ensure tenants get much-needed essentials during the current coronavirus lockdown.

The association said that local residents have been "full of praise" for the help they have received through the current crisis. 

Mrs Martin, of Kerrylamont Avenue, said: “What a wonderful thing for our community to be doing, looking after everyone, so we can get through this.

“I love getting a wave through the window from staff when they drop off the food parcels. We feel lucky to have so many people making sure we and everyone else is ok.”

Miss Carr, of Kerrycroy Street, said: “It’s such an anxious time for everyone, including myself.

“It’s great getting some help with food, so I don’t need to leave the house. Thanks to everyone for doing this.”

Grant funding has been secured to ensure the deliveries will continue for at least the next few weeks.

Toryglen tenants who are elderly, vulnerable, self-isolating or experiencing financial difficulties could qualify for a food parcel. Those who meet this criteria and would like to receive a parcel should phone Thistle on 0141 613 2700 or email admin@thistle-ha.org.uk. Local residents can keep up-to-date with the latest food parcel information by following ‘Cornerstone Community Hall Toryglen’ on Facebook.

Carly Monaghan, Thistle’s community development officer, said: “The National Lottery and Glasgow City Council kindly provided funding to complement the contributions from partner organisations to help the Toryglen community.

“Sanctuary’s maintenance team have also made it possible for us to deliver the parcels and ensure those who need help at this critical time receive it.”

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